Documentary: “Healing Nature: Living and working in resonance with nature”

We are delighted to draw your attention to the beautiful documentary, Healing nature: Living and working in resonance with nature. It is an inspiring 42 minute film about human-nature relationships and lessons we can learn from nature for a healthy and living and a sustainable business and society.

This DVD is a result and nice reminder of the wonderful encounter we had during the 11th International People Plant Symposium 2012 on Castle de Berckt in Baarlo, The Netherlands.It shows a compilation of images captured during three days full of enlightening speeches and innovative workshops in the enchanting and warm setting of the castle and its gardens.With this documentary the makers have been able to carry forward the theme of the symposium “Diversity, Towards a new Vision of Nature” and pinpoint many important aspects of human’s interaction with nature and the positive influence this has on our health, personal wellbeing and social interactions. Interviews with keynote speakers and other contributors of the symposium have resulted in inspiring thoughts and remarks that can broaden or change the way people see and experience nature.

Some remarks from the documentary are:

“We are in a time of fundamental crisis; humanity is loosing contact with the natural reality”

“When you are disconnected, you feel lonely and are lost”

“We are part of nature, if you deny that, we become ill”

“When we see those shapes and are present in nature we feel calm, we feel safe”

“Nature is like a compass; if you can work with your inner and outer nature you know at any time where you are, what you need and in which direction to go”

Through this documentary and with your help, we hope to reach a broad audience and contribute to people’s awareness of their inner and outer nature and the importance of their interactions with the natural environment.The documentary can serve as an inspiring reminder for yourself or a beautiful present for somebody else. You can shared it with your families, friends, colleagues and other contacts.

Our current offer:

Our offer is the full film for €20,- within the Netherlands and €25,- outside the Netherlands, including postage abroad.For those participants who are considering to buy the DVD, we want to make it possible to preview the full film online during the coming two weeks.You can access the film by going to the website:  Enter the password: ipps2012

We are looking forward to your response and your order!

Warm regards,

The Growing Foundation and the Organising Committee of the IPPS2012

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