Research Methods

Welcome to the “Research Methods” portion of the website.  On these pages you will find information and resources designed to help you conduct your research. To visit each one of these sections, click on the Research Methods tab in the menu bar. This section is organized by research methodology with the main sections being Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methods.  Two of these sections are further broken down.  Quantitative research is broken down into Experimental Methods, Quasi-Experimental Methods and Survey Methods.  Qualitative research is broken into Interview Methods, Observational Methods and Focus Group Methods.  Each page contains information about the type of methodology along with abstracts and article links that are examples of research conducted using that method.  Each abstract has tags associated with it so that if you want to search for example for research involving children, you can look under the tag children, and it will bring up all the research abstracts that contain that tag no matter what methodology they are under.


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