About IPPC

The mission

The mission of the International People Plant Council (IPPC), an international group of various individuals and professions, is to document and communicate the effect that plants have on human well-being and improved life-quality. It is carried out through a three-part strategy focusing on the psychological, sociological, physiological, economic, and environmental effects of plants on people:

Communication – maintaining an interdisciplinary network among researchers, funders, users, and Council affiliates.
Research – encouraging cooperative efforts to identify research priorities and establish interdisciplinary research methodologies
Public awareness – encouraging the use of horticulture for enhanced life-quality based on research findings

Examples of the uses are to serve as a conduit to distribute information through

  • Electronic newsletter
  • Current Research
  • How to information
  • Blog Posts

That communicate

  • The ‘theoretical foundations, and practical applications’ of People-Plant research.
  • The nature and appropriateness of People-Plant education.
  • How to fulfill our ethical and social responsibilities.
  • Help and/or advice from broader cross section of disciplines than is represented with any one area of education, research or practice.

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